MINI 230 - Premium

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  • Manufacturer: Mammutico™
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Small, soft puzzles from this series support children development thanks to creative play, on the basis of their unlimited imagination.

Special extra! Together with each Mammutico Mini blocks you will get 10 ideas for plays which enrich experiences supporting proper development of sensory processes.


The blocks are 1,6 cm thick and can be connected both on a flat surface and in space.

One set of Mammutico Mini 230 consists of two sets of Mammutico Mini 115 in two colors. They include:

  • waffle (small - 20, medium - 4, big- 2)
  • big waffle with a cut out circle - 2,
  • circle - 2,
  • cube - 170,
  • noodles (long - 4 , medium - 12),
  • rake (small - 4, big - 4, double - 6)

Mini 230 blocks are available in 6 color versions.

Each set Mammutico Mini 230 and 345 is a multiple of one set Mammutico Mini 115.

The set is packed in a practical, transparent, plastic box with a solid fastening.  

The premium version in a plastic box is ideal for an elegant and at the same time very practical present.

The product is suitable for children aged 3 or more.


As far as puzzles are concerned, one usually thinks about elements which  can be put together to constitute one picture after they have been properly connected. And if we add the adjective "spatial", we immediately imagine 3D objects, made of parts which match one another.

And what will happen if we try to put puzzles together... the spatial ones... for which nobody has prepared a ready solution? Since the puzzle does not have any expected final look and it will never end up looking as a picture from the packaging, what can a small constructor who has just started his work expect?

Foam puzzles – non-obvious shapes

This is the secret of foam Mammutico Mini blocks. Thanks to the fact that there are no tips, children play with the blocks completely freely. Our Mini puzzles give you freedom and let children use their imagination with no limits. As there is no expected final effect, play practically never ends and it is also non- repetitive.

In the package with Mammutico Mini blocks you will not find any exemplary structures or colourful pictures suggesting how to use blocks. Monochromatic parts in very soft shades may seem not to be particularly exceptional, but the truth is completely different.

Because of non-intuitive and ambiguous shapes of blocks it is not easy to build even the simplest structure. However, this is the challenge that makes children think independently and look for solutions. Besides, thanks to soft and very resistant material blocks may be rounded off and their shapes might be changed in an unexpected way.

Special extra! 

Together with each Mammutico Mini blocks you will get 10 ideas for plays which will not only give your child enjoyment from making new structures, but will also prepare for learning and enrich experiences supporting proper development of sensory processes.

Mammutico mini for many occasions

Mammutico Mini blocks are made of waterproof foam, so they will be great for using at home, outdoors, in a bath or in a garden pool. This soft material may be easily cleaned and as the foam does not absorb water blocks may be wiped with a cloth after washing.

Mammutico Mini blocks are extremely light and resistant to shock or bump. They will be perfect for holidays, spending a night in a grandma's house or during a long car journey :) 

Our foam puzzles have no equivalent in the toys market. As early as at the stage of designing shapes we knew that we wanted this product to support children development through creative play, mainly thanks to their unlimited imagination. The lack of gaudy colours, colourful pictures and other suggestions in a package make children connect blocks with no limits, which stimulates their activity. 



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